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You are going to learn a simple systematic way to advertise, promote, and give away bonuses that will change your current state of income, using programs that you are already a member of. 

Coming in last all the time and barely making money is no fun! NO FUN AT ALL! You try over and over again to make programs work but it just seems to fail! This is where you turn your whole life around and it starts with this very simple moment right here.

I know you have heard the saying, "The money is in the list!" That is not just a saying now, it's a way of life. If you are not building your list then you are basically sitting in a boat in the middle of the ocean with no motor or oars. You are drifting along and don't know what direction you are going to end up in.

Here at We put an end to the drifting. Plain and Simple!

Members help each other grow their list, income, and downlines all with the single goal of building a network of like minded individuals that just want to get ahead. Most of you are probably saying,"That sounds good and all but how can this be achieved?"

That is a fair question to ask.

Unlike the GURU's and other business minded individuals, Super-APE is not out for SELF .  We believe our members are TOP PRIORITY in all we do. Like any big corporation or business we realize it's the people that will grow you not the products. No matter how good of a product you have, if you do not have people that want, need, and can truly benefit from that product, it will never sell or be useful.

The easiest way to build your income, list and downlines up, is to have something of value that people want and need. Something that is just too irresistable to pass up; Like buying 5 lifetime  upgrades for a one time payment of $7 payment. Now that is a deal that only someone crazy would pass up.

Let's think about this for a moment. One single 1000 credit/ 1000 banner/ 1000 text special on the majority of Traffic Exchanges is about $10 but you can usually find them on sale for 50% off, ($5). So You are paying $5 for a 3000 credit ad package. Lifetime memberships usually run about $59-$127 depending on the Traffic Exchange(TE). So for 4 lifetime upgrades you are looking at anywhere from $236-$508. Add in the $5 for the 3,000 credit ad pack per exchange, you are looking at about $256-$528.

That's alot of money, right?

When you complete your registration and join our Viral Downline and List Builders Club for a one time payment of just $7, you will get FREE Lifetime Upgrades plus the12,000 Credit Ad package. (worth $525) Saving you Hundreds!

This is an unheard of, real deal, that you must get your hands on. 

Did you know, that $5 of what you spend is given to your sponsor not the admin (unless your sponsor is the There are no monthly or recurring fees. When you become a Pro Member, you are given exclusive rights to give away this insane bonus but for no more than the price that is specified ($7). And each member you give them to must become a pro member of SAPE. SAPE's platform is set up to help each member basically build their list, downlines, and income. This is not a get rich plan. But if you give enough pro memberships away and you show your downline how to duplicate, you will make a pretty good chunk of money. How much depends on your effort to make sure you build a strong foundation. (minimum of 3)

Compensation Plan:

When you give away this deal, our special 2up compensation plan will begin your viral list building, viral referrals, and most definitely your viral income. You will collect $5 payments over and over again after your first two qualifiers.

Your first two sales count as your qualifiers. They will be passed up to your sponsor. Your 3rd sale to infinity belongs to you. You will grow your income and autopilot list building starting with your 3rd sale. Your 3rd sale earns you $5. Your 3rd sale will then pass their qualifiers to you just like you did to your sponsor bringing your income to $10 and your referrals = 2 (3rd sale not included in configurations add 1 to your total referrals). The two qualifiers that were passed up to you must now each pass their 2 qualifiers up bringing your referrals to 4 and income to $20. Those 4 will pass their 2 qualifiers bringing your referrals to 8 and income to $40 and it just keeps doubling; referrals and list building 16,32,64,128,256 and income as well $80,$160,$320,$640,$1280 etc. SEE CHART BELOW:


This is just from your 3rd sale(leg). Imagine if you have 10 legs just down 4 levels, you will have $800 dollars. Your network would keep growing and growing.

We also have multiple bonuses in the Pro Members area that come with master resale rights for you to sale and keep 100% of the profits.

You get all this just for a one time payment of $7!

We said you would have to be insane to pass this up. You get 5 lifetime upgrades for about an average of $1.40 per lifetime upgrade and 12,000 Credits FREE

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Disclaimer: The amounts shown above are for illustration purposes. Although we try to represent the actual results that will be made, it is still up to the capabilities, determination, and drive of each individual marketing these products as to what actual income will be made. We as the staff of will, in every effort, help each individual to achieve these goals.

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